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神戸ビーフ館とはWhat's Kobe Beef Gallery

A place
to experience Kobe Beef

Kobe Beef Gallery is a place where you can find true facts about Kobe Beef. Deepen your knowledge from our easy-to-understand display, watch our skilled-chefs prepare and grill Kobe Beef in front of you. Also, there is an official Kobe Beef restaurant database available.

GreetingsGreetings from the Director

Answers to the questions can be found at KOBE BEEF GALLERY.

Kobe Beef, the top-quality beef from purebred Tajima cattle, has established itself as a world-famous beef brand. While there are many beef brands across Japan, why is Kobe Beef loved by so many people? What makes Kobe Beef special? Answers to the questions can be found at KOBE BEEF GALLERY.

the Director of a KOBE BEEF GALLERYHirokatsu Hirai

神戸ビーフ館オープンに寄せてMessage from Former Governor

With the arrival of spring The Kobe Beef Gallery Has opened
Let it be a hub for Delicious food and tourism

Former Governor of HYOGO prefecture
Toshizo Ido

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We have an online shop, so you can fully enjoy Kobe Beef in the comfort of your home. Shipping is only available in Japan and to Singapore.